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Tips for Bail Bonds

Getting in trouble is never fun.  Needing a bails bonds person to get you out of jail is even less fun.  No one is perfect and we all deserve a chance to redeem ourselves.  Instead of sitting in jail till our trail is set, which can be over thirty days, hiring a bail bonds Allentown PA representative will help us be free till our day in court.

Contacting a bails bonds person

When we get in trouble the jails typically won’t let you call out to get a bails bonds person.  The main reason for this is that someone will need to bring the bondsmen money in order to sign a bold to release you out of jail.  When you find yourself in jail and in need of help, make sure to call your closest person that can take on the task of getting you out of jail.

Cash Only

When dealing with a bails bondsman avoid those that take cash only.  In today’s world people don’t carry that much cash with them and many bondsman don’t want to have that much cash laying around.  If you find one that only takes cash consider staying away. Most will take cash and credit cards.  Checks are optional in some locations but typically they will want their money in hand before signing any paperwork.

Report in

When getting bailed out of jail most bails bonds companies will want you to check in with them.  They will want to take your photo, get fingerprints and other documentation in case you decide to skip town and not show up in court.  Make sure to follow all of their rules or they may revoke your bond.

Show up in court

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Not showing up in court will cause your bond to be forfeit.  If this happens the bondsman will send out a bounty hunter to catch you and drag you back to jail.  This is something you don’t want.  Show up to court, it is your best option.